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The Realm Game Special Podcast

May 13, 2013, Author: Neil Hughes

Atomhawk Design have been making fantastic art for top developers and publishers of AAA games for some years now. The Realm started as an internal art project created in the team’s own time, born out of their insatiable passion for creating cool stuff with style and philosophy that they call ‘Western Art, Eastern Heart’.

Atomhawk Design and Lantern Interactive’s The Realm is an exciting new game IP being designed primarily for PC, Mac and touchscreen devices. It has high ambitions of not only being a visually stunning graphical adventure, but also to set a new benchmark for tablet gaming.

This is why we were very excited to meet up with the team responsible for a special podcast, where they not only talk about the game itself, but their journey in making this vision a reality using Kickstarter. An essential listen for anyone with a passion for playing games, making them and the creative process behind development.

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The Realm is set in the far distant future in a world reclaimed by nature and steeped in myth and magic. The game follows a young girl called Sarina, who leaves the safety of her village to go on a desperate quest to find a cure for her sick mother. On her way she befriends Toru, a giant stone golem, and the unlikely couple go on a treacherous adventure together across the forest of Nimrick to recover a mysterious flower with amazing healing properties. In doing so, however, they awaken a shadowy force that controls the “Lampheads,” man-eating plants with a deadly gaze.

The dream is to create a point-and-click adventure, that can be played just as easily on touchscreen devices as with a mouse. The team have taken out complicated inventory screens and obscure puzzles, and replaced them with the streamlined interactivity and intuitive design now expected of modern games.

Despite shaking things up though, The Realm is essentially a good old-fashioned adventure game, made with love and care by talented, dedicated artists and creators.  All too often we only get to hear about the latest soulless triple AAA titles that are heading our way, so it is refreshing to see a group of people with a passion for gaming and innovation, with a dream of creating something special from their heart.

Our very own podcast host Neil Hickton interviews Lantern Interactive’s Tom Szirtes, who takes us on a journey into The Realm.  Put a brew on, put your feet up and enjoy this special podcast interview.



If you’re as excited by this project as we are then you need to head over to The Realm on Kickstarter and pledge your support. You’ve got until the 22nd May 2013 3.00am (EDT) to get in there, so go!

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