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The Walking Dead Episode 1 free for ‘a limited time’ on Xbox Live

December 26, 2012, Author: Andy Corrigan

Telltale Games have decided to make everyone’s Christmas that delightfully bit bleaker, by making Episode 1 of The Walking Dead free for Xbox Live users for a ‘limited time’, as confirmed by their official twitter account a few hours ago.

How long this will is last is anyone’s guess at this point; some reckon today, some reckon until January, but who cares? If you haven’t plumped on this amazing little series yet, now is your time.

Unfortunately, you’re screwed if you live in Australia or New Zealand, though, because despite being available for iOS and Steam over here, Telltale can’t be arsed to go through the certification process for consoles in those territories just yet due to Australia’s difficult rating system. With R18+ ratings due real soon, hopefully they’ll reconsider their stance in the near future.

Anyway, everyone else should either jump on their Xbox or head to Microsoft’s online store right now! Do it! Do it for Clementine!