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THQ Delisted From NASDAQ Stock Exchange

January 3, 2013, Author: Matt Parker

Continuing the trend of talking about lists, here’s what seems like a piece of sad news. THQ have been delisted from the NASDAQ Stock Exchange.

In truth, this isn’t anything surprising thanks to the fact THQ filed for bankruptcy back in December meaning delisting was an inevitability. All part of the ‘fresh start’ that Jason Rubin, THQ’s president, has been talking about.

This doesn’t really do much to add to the troubles that THQ are facing. In fact, it does nothing. You see, just because they’re not on the NASDAQ doesn’t mean their shares can’t be traded. It just means that NASDAQ has removed them from their little club.

What matters is the fact that the bankruptcy proceedings are moving along and that Clearlake Capital Group are investing heavily in THQ. Investing so heavily in fact, that THQ is likely to become a private firm soon. Meaning they will be owned by Clearlake Capital who will at least have a majority share, potentially forcing a buyout of the other shareholders. Once that happens, then no one will be able to buy shares in THQ. Not that you’d particularly want to, given their current situation.

All this talk of THQ’s finances make for some bad reading. Heck, I’ve been over this story plenty of times before. I just hope Metro and South Park get to see the light of day and let’s not forget who the real victim of this trouble is – Vince Mcmahon. The guy’s owed $45 million and stands very little chance of seeing any of it. In fact, have a look at Vince McMahon’s ‘entrance’ music to establish exactly what chance he does have of getting money out of THQ.