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TIMJ featured in The Guardian

August 10, 2009, Author: Andy Corrigan

You may remember last week we were really proud to announce that Web User magazine decided to give us a glowing review in their ‘Best New Sites’ section. Well you may have been wondering just how we might top that, and to be fair; so have we.

So imagine my surprise this week when a freak incident led me to become aware of the fact that at the weekend we were also featured in the Guardian on Saturday just gone (for those that didn’t catch that, that’s THE GUARDIAN, as in the highly respected UK newspaper) . Want to hear what they had to say about us? Hit ‘Read the rest of this entry’.

The article was on page 32 of the previews section on Saturday 8th August, you can find a link to the web version here:

“The link between videogames and violence is debated ad nauseam, but what about the other less dangerous side-effects a gaming addiction has on real life? Here (tinyurl.com/gamehabs), a tendency to always check out the location of security cameras is blamed on GoldenEye, an overwhelming urge to blow up gas tanks on Half-Life 2 and a habit of checking the surroundings for snipers is the fault of too many hours spent playing Grand Theft Auto. If that sounds like you (or the other you), then you’ll be comfortable here with a daily drip feed of news, reviews, polls and a handy section devoted to discovering the location of online game bargains. Also excellent are their podcasts. Steer clear of the “shoutbox” though, it’s full of crazy killers.”