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Tower of Power – Tiny Death Star Game Announced

October 4, 2013, Author: Matt Parker

Since George Lucas sold off his beloved franchise to Disney, people have been wondering what would happen to the series set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

One thing we’ve been seeing is mobile games receiving little more than a ‘re-skinning’ to become a Star Wars game. After the success of Angry Birds doing just that, here’s another. It’s Tiny Death Star, which is a Jedi inspired take on Tiny Tower.

Remember Tiny Tower? It’s basically a time-sink where you build new floors for your building, decide if the new floor should be a home or a shop and that’s about it. Like most mobile games, you have to ‘check-in’ a couple of times a day to gather resources and what not.

Whilst it didn’t require much skill and was more of a test of patience, the original Tiny Tower had some real charm thanks to its uber-cute pixel characters. It seems that Tiny Death Star is maintaining this style and as a result, this has done much to quell my skepticism.


Give me all the IAP's you can muster. I don't care. This is too cute.

Give me all the IAP’s you can muster. I don’t care. This is too cute.


Look how cute Yoda looks. Look at him! That Ewok? To die for!

Tiny Death Star will ‘soon be available worldwide’ according to the Disney interactive blog.

Source: Disney Interactive