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Vita Owners – Clear Your Memory Cards Because Fez and Luftrausers are Here (soon)

March 4, 2014, Author: Matt Parker

Vita owners! Today, you can stand tall. Yes, ‘retail’ games are few and far between. You’ll walk into your local GAME store and see maybe half a shelf dedicated to your beloved Sony handheld.

The truth is, the best games for the Vita aren’t even available through physical media. The PSN Store is home to (most) of the Vita’s ‘must-haves’ and joining their ranks (slightly presumptuous) is Fez and Luftrausers, both of which have now got release dates.

Luftrausers, which is a fast-paced dog fighting game with a great soundtrack, will launch on the 18th of March. Yes, it’s also out on PC and PS3 the same day, but we all know the Vita version’s the one to get.

Also getting a launch date is Fez. This has been around for a while on the PC and Xbox 360, but now it’s getting its Sony debut, with PS3, PS4 and Vita versions all being available on March 26th.

You're probably not looking at this image on a Vita screen. A shame.

You’re probably not looking at this image on a Vita screen. A shame.

Whilst no-one in their right mind would tell you that the Vita is a mainstream success, the continued support the console gets from the indie scene keeps on making the handheld something that no-one should dismiss.

It’ll also be nice to show support to Vlambeer, who have had a tough time with ‘clones’ of their games, and Phil Fish, who decided to throw it all in and quit making videogames.