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ZombiU Infects iPhones With A Promotional App

November 21, 2012, Author: Matt Parker

Zombies! Pre-release hype! Cross-platform tie-ins! Brand synergy! Other jargon I don’t really understand! As easy as it is to become cynical of gaming’s attempts at ‘getting the message out there‘, this app looks pretty neat and is for a game I’m looking forward to.

ZombiU’s gone and got a promotional application onto the iPhone which allows you to ‘zombify’ yourself and send messages to your loved ones. Yes, an iPhone can already do the whole ‘sending messages to loved ones’ thing, but this is different. Kind of.

As the videos show, ZombiU’s keen on playing up the human aspect of the zombie apocalypse with a couple of touching messages form people that didn’t make it. The horror!

The main aim of this is for you to create your messages and then post them onto Twitter or Facebook, all with a convenient ZombiU watermark on them.

The app can also ‘zombify’ pictures of people to giver everyone a better idea of what they’d look like should an undead rapscallion take a chunk out of them. Handy(?).

Along with this and the webcomic that’s being updated every day, ZombiU has certainly had some money put behind it. Having only played it briefly at Eurogamer, I would have to say that this is looking like the one game that every Wii U owner will need. At this moment in time at least.

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