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PES 2014 becomes year’s second most predictable announcement

May 31, 2013, Author: Phil Ubee

Amid all the hullabaloo about new consoles, always online connections and whether or not we will be able to sell our games Next Gen, there is the occasional piece of news regarding new game releases that piques my interest.

Last month, EA Sports gave the gaming community its most unsurprising reveal of the year with the FIFA 14 announcement, which included customary promises of better ball physics and upgraded “Team-mate Intelligence”.

It was only a matter of time before Konami followed suit with the second most obvious announcement of the year. That’s right folks, Pro Evolution Soccer will see a 2014 version and here’s the teaser trailer to prove it.

Aside from news that the game will use the FOX Engine to “offer players a new virtual football experience that provides the same tension and excitement that they feel when their favourite teams are playing”, there’s little else to note at this stag,e save for maybe that Red is an important colour to the boys at Konami.

Despite having spent far more time playing FIFA (correction Ultimate Team), I actually preferred last year’s PES for pure realism and control. I think even the most avid FIFA fan would have to admit that Konami has taken a sizeable step forward in terms of the overall experience over the past two years, narrowing the gap considerably.

Konami’s pre E3 show on June 6th should give us more detail about this year’s version and presumably confirmation that there will be a version for both current and Next Gen consoles (they have to have one ready for PS4/Xbox One launch, don’t they?).

Anyway, Consider the annual FIFA vs. PES debate officially OPEN!