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E3 Expo 2010 Show Floor Live Text Feed

June 15, 2010, Author: Jacob Saylor

Welcome to our live feed for E3 2010. This is where I (Jacob), will be notifying you readers on what’s happening, the second it happens. Being that this is the biggest event of the year in terms of gaming, you won’t want to miss a second. So don’t go away, or you may miss something big! Comment below and I’ll respond if you have any questions as to what E3 is like, or anything of that nature.

Hiphopgamer cause he's pro.

14:52 – I am officially at E3, this is giant. Everything about what everybody said is true. Second I walked in the media lounge I saw my boy Hiphopgamer. He invited me to hop on over to a couple of parties tonight, including Michael Pachter’s party. (Hell yes!) We are about to head into the main E3 area for the first time, so I will update you as soon as we can. Sorry for getting here late guys, lots of delays and trouble with cabs.

16:30 – Wow! Just so much going on, don’t have enough time to update you guys. Today has been HECTIC. I’m going to be uploading some photos soon, just to show you guys with visuals what’s been happening. I aced a review with the exhibitor for Playseat, got some hands on time with Playstation Move, saw some amazing new things and more. I’ll be putting some videos up on Youtube later, and will give you the channel link.

07:31 – Okay so it’s morning time, we’re about to head out to E3 a couple of hours early, get some complementary media breakfeast, and start it up. I thought I’d give you mates a longer update…So, here we go. Yesterday was great, however we couldn’t do more than get our feet wet really. Couple of interviews, etc etc. Today however, we’ve got sitdowns with Rock Band 3, and MMA Supremacy. Time flies when you’re inside those doors though, you look at the clock and you’re like “Oh crap, I better get to the media room and update everyone!” I’ll try a lot harder today. Videos will be up soon, ’til then let’s show you some pictures.

Interviewing Bobby King, President of Playseat

Bear Grylls game!

Nintendo 3DS, a line that takes two hours...And I will be waiting in today.

14:44 – Just got done with the Rock Band 3 demo theatre, the likes of Destructoid and other big names were there. You really can learn to play instruments with that thing. Revolutionary. Had breakfeast with Don Gurule from Lightbeam Systems. Complete genius, asked us to attend his demo of new technology in August, but probably will not be able to fly back, sadly. Took an hour and 30 minute wait for a 15 minute hands-on with the Nintendo 3DS. Was great, no glasses, and the 3D works. However, no cameras were allowed, so we couldn’t show you gameplay. Here are some pictures though, and it’s got a stereoscopic camera on the front. What does that mean? 3D pictures…Augmented reality! We also got to test the 3D glasses for Sony’s PS3. It makes everything dark, but was great quality. Pictures of that too. Met the guy from NHK television. Flew all the way from Japan!

Ooo, Shiny!

Big Geekin'

Super Secret Pass for Rock Band 3 Demo Theatre

Executive Producer from NHK Television (middle), 8th-Circuit Blogger on the left

16:15 – Just finished the demo theatre for MMA Supremacy. Was really good, when it’s finished, might be even better than Undisputed. I’m glad to see a small developer like 505 Games making games of this pedigree.

505 Games about to beat the ever-living hell out of me.

22:50 – Back at the hotel, it’s pretty late, I’m tired, but I’ll give you an update before I hit the hay. Let me first start by saying that today was so much better than yesterday, simply because of the fact we had our feet wet. Demo theatres are a lot more laid back than I anticipated, and everything was just so awesome. After we finished up with 505 Games, we went to the media lounge and fixed some technical problems we were having, and then attempted to get into the Zelda line. However the line had closed two minutes earlier. At that point we explored the floors and talked to Bethesda about getting in a demo theatre tommorrow for New Vegas. Looking hopeful actually! We got back to the hotel, and visited the top floor simply to see it…But ended up having something to drink and chatting with developers from Ignition Entertainment and Zombie Studios about the industry and journalism, developers, etc etc. Great guys, offered to have us come by their booth tommorrow. In any case, I’ll be putting up pictures tommorrow morning right when I wake up, but it’s really late here, and I want some sleep. Peace!

2 minutes before we got there, Zelda line got closed.

Cool Poster, huge.

13:45 – It’s late in the day, only a few hours left for E3 (Sadly). We’ve visited the Zelda booth, visited our friends from Ignition entertainment and Zombie Games, visited Bethesda and our friend Mark Robins. They have some cool things going on over there. Amazing stuff Bethesda has coming, simply amazing. Brink and their new game ‘Hunted’ are going to be radical. We now are going to visit Gameloft and Sony Europe, by that time things should be coming to a close, and we’ll be at the hotel working on those videos we promised you ages ago.

'Nuff said.

Mate from Ignition that we met at the hotel.

What E3 journey would be complete without Zelda?

00:41 – Real late here, been up at the skyline lounge…again…talking with Ignition Entertainment…again. Great guy, though. We were lucky enough to get into the demo theatre for The Force Unleashed 2, and the Old Republic. Both games are looking EPIC. We even met the actor, mocap, and voice actor for Starkiller in the Force Unleashed 2. Took a visit to the Gameloft bus, tried out some of their iPad apps and other things. Great stuff there. After E3 was over me, my cousin, thatgamingsite, and the B-team recorded a 2 hour long podcast over dinner. When the Lakers beat the Celtics we had to pause for a few minutes, haha. We’ll have pictures of Sam ( Starkiller ), and our other various efforts up tommorrow sometime, and a link to the podcast we recorded. Thanks so much for listening in on our live feed, but it’s not over yet. You’ll be hearing from me about E3 for another month or so. Lots of content I’ve yet to get into written form. So stick around!

Simply amazing. Can't believe he was there.

Thatgamingsite, B-team, and TIMJ recording a 2 and a half hour long podcast.