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FIFA 13 on Wii U gets first details

August 2, 2012, Author: Ray Willmott

EA may have just given the world a major reason to want Wii U this Christmas.

In the latest issue of Official Nintendo Magazine, there is an information blow out on the latest instalment of the world-renowned franchise. Including a string of brand new screenshots, we’ve learned how Nintendo’s unique tablet-come controller will dictate the action.

The game plays the same as previous years, but this time, while the action is happening on your TV, players can adapt strategies on the fly using the unique touch-screen capabilities. Using the controller, players can change formations and player positions as they go, blowing the possibilities for goal preparation and defending wide open.

Until now, players have been confined to menu screens, and have had the opportunity to take time out to prepare. However with Wii U, FIFA 13 will test reactivenss, and see who thinks fastest on their feet.

Arguably, this is the biggest and most important development in the franchise’s entire history.

In addition to that, the Wii U gamepad will also use Augmented Reality aspects when players go for a free kick. By moving the pad, you can line up the kick with a level of precision a thumb stick has never been able to achieve.

Of course, we’re still no clearer how the online functionality will fare. Nintendo have still kept very quiet on how their console will approach the phenomenon. For many, this will be a clincher, and if it’s not at least on par with Xbox’s superb online service, EA’s revolutionary efforts may all be for naught.

Regardless, it seems that EA are all out to ‘evolve the game’ with FIFA 13. With these amazing new features, and the Kinect voice-activation support, the question remains, are they trying to break a formula that doesn’t need fixing and take advantage of all the ‘mod-cons’, or will this genuinely add something to a franchise that many felt couldn’t progress any further?

We know there are a lot of FIFA fans on This Is My Joystick. What are your thoughts on the series evolution?

For screenshots of how the controller and the game will look on Wii U, take a look here

Source: ONM, VG247