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Is an Xbox 3 Development Kit selling on eBay?

August 12, 2012, Author: Ray Willmott

In what is either the biggest con or deception in industry history, a Durango development kit may be for sale on eBay.

SuperDaE, the source who leaked supposed pictures of what Kinect 2.0 can do, as well as Nextbox source code, may have gone one step too far. In a simple tweet with a link and the hashtag #swag, the potential source has put, what may be, an Xbox Durango development kit on eBay.

The winner of the auction will apparently get the Durango PC tower complete with all software, required power cables and a wired controller. If this is real, this will also enable the auction winner to access unannounced code and possibly code games for the new Xbox system prior to its actual announcement. Eek…

A link to the auction can be seen here.

It seems the seller has created an eBay account just to sell this piece of kit, probably to make sure he is harder to trace. Regardless, SuperDaE can’t hope to hide from Microsoft for very long, and all of this will probably be nipped in the bud rather quickly.

Although, any reaction from Microsoft will need to be extremely careful and considered on their part as it could be seen as confirmation of any future products they may or may not be working on.

In comments from @SuperDaE on his twitter feed as to whether he should be putting this item up on eBay, he says that his lawyers have told him to ‘GO FOR IT’. He’s also told others that the item is ‘not an empty case, that’s for sure’ and ‘its a legitimate item. i fool noone.’

At time of writing, there are 28 bids on the development kit and it is currently selling for $5,100.00 with 6 days left to go.

If you want to take a look at the auction, you’d better hurry. Don’t bank on this being up for much longer.

(Source: @SuperDaE)

Credit also goes to TheSixthAxis for the initial spot