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Merry Christmas from TIMJ!

December 24, 2009, Author: Andy Corrigan

It’s that time of the year again… The time when I put aside my petty dislike of the holiday season, and wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas (‘annual gift day’ for my fellow atheists!), a Happy New Year, and happy gaming over the next few weeks.

While yes, as is the same with most websites of our ilk, you can probably expect us to be a little quieter than usual over the next week or so, but fear not; the site will be updated with fresh content as and when we can, just bear with us if it’s a little slow. Keep an eye out next week especially as we will be bringing you our own special take on a ‘Game of the year’ article.

It’s been an absolutely massive year for us; we’ve come so far in as little as six months. We’ve got more hits, readers and followers than we’d anticipated for this timescale, been to events that were unthinkable at the time of launch, and I’m very much thankful for the support we’ve received in that time.

Rest assured however, we will not resting on our laurels (or our Hardy’s). We have big things planned for next year as we look to take this entire operation up a gear. I hope you’ll stay with us as we continue to evolve.

Anyway, enough of the sentimentality; I’m off to put myself into a booze and gaming induced holiday coma.

From all of us here at This Is My Joystick; Happy Holidays!