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Nintendo unveil 3DS XL and some other goodies

June 22, 2012, Author: Ray Willmott

At last night’s Nintendo Direct event, the big N dropped some game-related bombs on the world. Not least of which, a brand new model for their 3DS handheld.

Many have been anticipating a 3DS re-modelling since January when the Circle Pad Pro launched. Well, they got their wish, but perhaps not in the way they had hoped.

The 3DS XL will launch in the US on August 19th for $199.99 and, in a shocking twist, launch in the EU at the same time as Japan on July 28th! While no price point has been confirmed for us Europeans, we will get a choice of blue, red or silver units at launch, while the US will be able to purchase black, red or blue.

The difference between the 3DS units? The upper screen will be 90% bigger than the current 3DS model and feature an extended battery life of 6.5 hours.

You were expecting something else? Nope, that’s all Nintendo have got for you. In a shocking turn, the Circle Pad Pro will not be embedded into the console. In fact, due to the size of the new model, you may even need to buy a new one because the old one won’t fit.

Not only that, but for some unknown and utterly mind-boggling reason, the 3DS XL will not ship with an AC Adaptor in EU territories. You’ll have to purchase that seperately or use a pre-existing one.

Seriously, Nintendo? Are you really so out of touch with your core audience?

In better news, a Kingdom Hearts demo is now available on the US e-shop. There will also be a special edition of the game released.

UPDATE – The demos for Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, as well as THEATRHYRHTM FINAL FANTASY are now available on the EU Store. Kingdom Hearts launches in the UK on 20th July and THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY launches on the 6th July

Nintendo have also confirmed a collaboration with Namco Bandai on the new Super Smash Brothers title. Tekken X Mario, anyone?

Also, in what will be the biggest movement on DLC from the Big N to date, New Super Mario Brothers 2 will feature Coin Rush DLC either at, or shortly after launch on August 19th.

In further DLC news, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask will see a November 2012 launch window on the 3DS, and will apparently benefit from free DLC puzzles every day after launch. Sounds ambitious!

The Big N also announced that the first 3DS e-shop sale will run through August 1st. As a gesture, they also announced that Super Mario Land will be on sale to the end of the month at a tempting $2.99.

It was also confirmed that Fire Emblem and Paper Mario will see release in 2013.

Some big post E3 surprises there.

What do you think about the new 3DS? Did you hold off for this version of the model, and will you be picking it up at launch?

(Source VG247)