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Skyrim’s second DLC, Hearthfire, coming sooner and much cheaper than expected

August 28, 2012, Author: Ray Willmott

Today, Bethesda have announced that the second piece of Skyrim DLC, Hearthfire, is due imminently.

Hearthfire is the next official The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim add-on to come from Bethesda, but unlike Dawnguard, this piece of DLC isn’t so much about vampires and story as it is about … well … adopting children.

Hearthfire will allow Skyrim players to buy land and build their own house from the ground up. The house can be as small or as big as you can imagine, allowing you to create primitive thatch cottages or enormous mansion-types.

In Hearthfire, players will also be able to build a real estate empire by owning multiple plots, grow plants in greenhouses, and add stables, mills and smelters.

It’s not just the exterior you’ll be thinking about, however, but also the interior. Players can make things as simple as a bed and chairs, or have enormous armouries, alchemy laboratories, kitchens, and trophy rooms.

Players can even adopt children, play games with them, allow them to have pets and set up a family in their new home which will also provide additional bonuses.

Be aware, however, the more elegant your house is, the more it draws attention to itself from unwanted visitors. As much as it encourages creation and community, Hearthfire also opens up opportunities for crime. Hearthfire will see marauding kidnappers, armed bandits and skeever infestations assault your home. However, followers can be turned into personal stewards and will defend your home from any invasion.

Hearthfire will launch first on Xbox Live on the 4th September for an incredibly cheap 400 Microsoft Points. Timescales and prices have not yet been determined for other formats.

Source: Bethesda