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Developer Session: Remember Me

October 10, 2012, Author: Phil Ubee

Who says this generation of console is dead? Who thinks there is no room for new IP’s in the current market? Who dares to suggest that you can’t have fun with a story-centric experience? Certainly not the guys over at Dontnod, that’s for sure.

The game that some may still Remember as Adrift (see what I did there) is coming along nicely, thank you very much. At this year’s Eurogamer Expo we were given a short but interesting little walkthrough of the game’s customisable combat system.

Combat in Remember Me will work around a fairly simple two tier system. Moves will be classed as either standard Pressens or special S Pressens, and the player will be able to customise exactly how they flow in the Combo Lab. The idea being that our leading lady, Nilin, will remember various key moves as the game progresses and will then be able to link these together very simply, making sure combat keeps the game flowing.

The player will be able to select Pressens from four categories. Regen will recover health as you connect with your enemy but do little damage; Chain will double the effect of the Pressens in your combo;Power will be the primary choice for inflicting damage and will open up opponents to some very graphic finishing moves; and Cooldown will reduce Nilin’s cool down time.

Cooldown is important as it will allow you to recover the Special S Pressen moves quicker. You can only carry one of the S Pressens at any time and the effects these will have are huge. However, once used they need to cool down before being useable again, and this is obviously where the Cooldown part of your combo string comes into its own.

The Combat Lab

During the short show and the Q & A that followed we heard from Jean Max-Morris, Creative Director at Dontnod. He was quite keen to tell us that from the inception the idea of memories being stored outside the human body to be accessible by anyone was key to the story. He spoke of the modern phenomenon of Social Media where we all now store photos and personal information being something of a trigger for the games backdrop. We were also told that the cyberpunk setting has also been a key factor throughout the game’s development.

After the show it was pretty clear without the confirmation that Remember Me will be a linear, story-driven game that is heavy on action and combat. We also learnt that we will have some nice old-school boss battles that flow into the general gameplay, keeping the title fluid.

Some would argue that releasing such a linear title alone in the current market is a risk; throw in the fact that it’s a new IP and what we have here is a bonafide gamble that will either be seen as a last stand by a dying generation, or one of the big hits of 2013. Personally, I’m hoping for the latter.

You can take a look at the developer session for yourself, over in our forum thread.